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With Anima, you can create your own text, photo or video content and add them to your lecture.

Learning Tool

Anima is the tool to create your own lectures.

Whether you’re a professor at a university or a instructor at a company, Anima is the tool that will improve the efficiency by which your audience will learn. User created content has proven to be a much more effective tool when it comes to learning than stock material. 

Blended Learning

Combine online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with place- based classroom methods.

Content Creation Tools

Custom tailor your course content and enhance interaction with anima’s content creation tools.

Course Analytics

Anima provides a monitoring dashboard to get insight in the performance of course participants.

Manage Users

Within the Anima tool, it’s possible to manage users and permissions. Set up courses for specific groups and get to work!

Schedule Content

Plan your content and schedule it in advance! Anima offers tools that will make sure content is released whenever you want.

Add 360° Content

Within the courses, it’s possible to add different types of media. Whether it’s video, images or animations, it’s all possible.

Free Courses

Rewarding users for certain actions is a proven method to increase users’s engagement. 

Create own content

Create your own text, photo or video content and add them to your lecture. .

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Create immersive content

The Anima Learning Tool will help you to create content that will appeal to your audience. The appealing content will create a higher rate of interest and you will be able to educate in the most efficient way. The Anima Learning Tool is not a one way street. Engage and communicate with your audience by using the Anima Engagement Tools.

Enhance engagement

Anima will help you to communicatie and engage with your audience by providing you the Anima Engagement Tools.

With the tools, you’ll be able to create custom questionnaires and gather student feedback about the lecture or training. The Anima Social Tools will also help you to let your students engage with one and another. Engaging with the created content has been proven to be an effective way to improve education.

Gamify your learning

Anima uses game technology to improve engagement with course students and increase user retention.

Within Anima, users are rewarded for different types of actions. Anima keeps track of screen time, buttons pressed and more to reward users. For example, users are able to unlock medals by completing course content. They’re also able to unlock achievements by simply using the app. 

Anima: A Proven Success 

The Anima Learning Tool has been successfully implemented in several international and national organizations.

The Dutch National Police has been using the tool to teach the Cyber Crimes Department about BIG data, drones and ethical hacking. The Dutch Police Academy has also successfully implemented the tool in their lectures and uses it to train Police Aspirants. Another example of the practical use of the Anima Learning tool comes from the international organization Deloitte. They use the tool to engage with their customers and to educate them about new innovations and technologies.

The flexibility Anima offers is simply amazing.

My team is able to study courses whenever they have time. We’re also able to divide complex subjects into tiny chunks by creating our own content. Creating content with the Anima toolkit is very easy, so everyone in our organization can do it!

Peter van de Noort, Lecturer and researcher Management & Leadership at School of Police leadership

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